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Sleeping Bunnies Height Chart

Sleeping Bunnies Height Chart

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The Sleeping Bunnies Composition Textile Wall Art Sticker Height Chart is a charming and practical addition to any child's bedroom or nursery. This delightful height chart combines functionality with adorable design, making it both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for a neutral nursery decor.

Complete Package:

This height chart is in one piece, it's easy to apply, just peel & Stick. 

Height Chart length size: 0-154cm

Height chart width approx: 45cm

Key features of the Sleeping Bunnies Composition Textile Wall Art Sticker Height Chart include:

  1. Height Measurement: The height chart provides a practical way to track your child's growth over time. It allows you to easily measure and record your child's height as they grow taller.

  2. Textile Wall Art Sticker: Made from high-quality textile material, the wall art sticker is durable and easy to apply to any smooth surface, such as walls or doors. It adheres securely without leaving any residue when removed.

  3. Sleeping Bunnies Composition Design: The height chart features an adorable design of sleeping bunnies arranged in a charming composition. The cute watercolour imagery adds a playful touch to the child's room.

  4. Versatile Decor: In addition to its height measurement function, the wall art sticker serves as a decorative element that enhances the visual appeal of the room. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a child's living space.

  5. Interactive and Engaging: Children will enjoy the interactive aspect of the height chart as they watch themselves grow taller over time. It can spark conversations about growth and measurement, making it both educational and fun.

Overall, the Sleeping Bunnies Composition Textile Wall Art Sticker Height Chart is a delightful accessory for any child's room. With its combination of practicality and charming design, it adds a touch of imagination while allowing you to track your child's growth milestones with ease.

Important Notes:

  • Adhesive properties may reduce with frequent removal and reapplication.
  • Safety Notice: Wall art is decoration only and not intended as a toy.

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