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Tilly Adventures Height Chart

Tilly Adventures Height Chart

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Introducing our beautiful Tilly bear Adventure Height Chart.

Our Tilly Adventures Height Chart features a delightful scene of teddy bears, hot air balloons in various playful and imaginative activities. Reaching for stars, each teddy bear on the chart becomes a cute and endearing companion in your child's growth story.

Each pack contains:

1 x Elements  Sheets (size: 152 x 42cm) - With all elements shown in the layout sheet.

1 x Height Bar Wall Sticker (Height Bar length guide:  up to 150cm) 

Key Features:

Premium Quality Textile Printing: Our wall stickers are digitally printed on high-quality textile self-adhesive wall covering, ensuring a soft and inviting texture. The watercolour illustrations come to life, creating a visually appealing and cozy atmosphere in the nursery.

Easy Application and Flexibility: Application is a breeze – these stickers adhere effortlessly to any flat, dry surface, allowing you to create a beautiful display without the mess. Equally, they are easy to remove and reapply, providing flexibility in arranging the elements to suit your unique space.

Complete Package: Each pack includes 1 sheet with all elements shown in the layout sheets, along with a Height Bar Wall Sticker featuring a length guide up to 150cm. The individual elements allow you to customise the design to perfectly fit your nursery layout.

Customisable Design: We understand that every nursery is unique. That's why we've created this composition with individual elements, so you can work the design to suit your space. The suggested arrangement is just a starting point – the design is truly up to you.

Reusable Beauty: The exceptional feature of our wall art is its reusability. Remove and reapply the stickers many times, adapting the design to your changing nursery decor.

Inspiration for Your Nursery: Transform your child's room into a world of Tilly Adventures – where every inch of growth is celebrated, and every measurement is marked with love and enchantment. Explore our collection and elevate your child's space with this whimsical and functional textile height chart today!

Important Notes:

  • Please note that the more the sticker is removed and re applied, over time the adhesive property can reduce.
  • Safety notice: Wall art is not a toy. It is decoration only. 
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