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Jungle Pathway Wall Sticker Set

Jungle Pathway Wall Sticker Set

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Introducing our Jungle Sensory Path Textile Wall Sticker Pack – a dynamic and engaging way to stimulate your toddler's motor skills and working memory right in the comfort of your home! Transform any space into a vibrant and interactive learning environment with our peel-and-stick textile wall stickers.

Key Features:

Customisable Sensory Pathway: Unleash your creativity with individual elements that can be easily peeled and stuck in various combinations. Build a unique sensory pathway tailored to your toddler's preferences and developmental needs.

Educational Fun: Turn learning into a playful adventure! Each element is designed to captivate your little one's attention, promoting cognitive development while they navigate the sensory path. It's an enjoyable and effective way to engage their motor skills and working memory.

Versatile Application: Our wall art is designed to adhere to any dry, flat surface, making it perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, or even classroom settings. Create a dedicated space for learning and exploration that seamlessly blends with your home decor.

Removable and Reusable: Change up the sensory pathway as many times as you'd like! The stickers can be easily removed and reapplied without damaging the surface, ensuring endless possibilities for sensory exploration. How to Use: Peel off the backing of each element. Stick them on a dry, flat surface to create your unique sensory pathway. Watch as your toddler explores and engages with the colorful and textured elements. When it's time for a change, simply peel off and reposition the stickers for a new adventure.

*Disclaimer: Our Wall art is suitable to apply to standard painted surfaces, however larger wall art elements may not adhere to water resistant/repellant painted surfaces. Please note that the more the sticker is removed and re applied, over time the adhesive property can reduce. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Caution. Our wall stickers are interior wall decoration only, they are not a toy. Young children should be supervised at all times as some parts are small and can be a choking hazard.

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