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Dinosaur Sensory textile Wall Sticker Set

Dinosaur Sensory textile Wall Sticker Set

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Introducing our enchanting Baby Sensory Fabric Wall Art Stickers – the perfect addition to transform your little one's nursery into a captivating haven of visual stimulation and wonder! Crafted with love and designed to engage your baby's developing senses, each pack contains eight sheets of black and white elements with delightful pops of red. Just after birth, a baby sees only in black and white, and as the months go by, they will slowly develop their colour vision.

Our Dinosaur Sensory wall art set is a new addition to our wall art collection. Stimulate your babies senses with our Black and white designs with contrasting patterns and red highlights . They help your baby to focus and encourage their vision development. 

Key Features:     

Sensory Exploration: Foster your baby's early cognitive development with high-contrast black and white patterns that are proven to captivate their attention. The added touch of red highlights adds an extra layer of excitement, encouraging visual exploration and focus.     

Premium Fabric Material:

Our wall art stickers are made from high-quality, textile vinyl material (PVC Free) that is not only safe for use in nursery decor, but also durable and easy to apply.   

Versatile Design:

Each pack includes eight sheets of thoughtfully designed elements that can be arranged and rearranged to create a personalised and visually stimulating environment. From adorable animals to captivating geometric shapes, the possibilities for creative expression are endless.     

Easy Application and Removal:

The stickers are designed with a self-adhesive backing, making them a breeze to apply to any smooth surface. Plus, they can be easily repositioned or removed without damaging walls or leaving sticky residue behind, allowing for flexibility as your baby grows.     

Nursery Décor with a Purpose:

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these wall art stickers are crafted with your baby's developmental milestones in mind. Hang them at your baby's eye level to create a captivating visual experience that will encourage early recognition and cognitive growth.

This wall art works great positioned next to their changing table, or near their play areas. Our wall art is so easy to peel and stick, remove and reapply to other areas of your home.

This pack consists of 8 x A5 sheets. (8 x Dinosaurs & a combination of other simple shaped elements)

*Disclaimer: Our Wall art is suitable to apply to standard painted surfaces, however larger wall art elements may not adhere to water resistant/repellant painted surfaces. Please note that the more the sticker is removed and re applied, over time the adhesive property can reduce. Wall art is not a toy. It is decoration only. 

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