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About our

Wall Art

Our textile wall art is an amazing alternative to decorate your home. Its easy to apply, quick, and mess free. No paste is required as you just peel & stick. It really is that easy, and you get instant room transformation.

The perfect option for busy lives! 

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Baby Safari Circle_2 Option_Lifestyle.jpg

Our Wall Art

Our wall art is suitable to use on any interior, dry, flat surface. We have carried out testing on application and removal on standard emulsion painted surfaces with success and confidence that walls remain undamaged, with no residue remaining when wall art is removed even after a long period of time. 

*Disclaimer - We cannot guarantee that wall art will adhere to surfaces that are damp, or have signs of moisture, or surfaces that have been painted with paints containing 'Stain Repellant technology'. This technology is designed to repel anything that is applied to it.

Safety is important to us. Our wall art is 'NOT A TOY', it is decoration only. Please ensure that wall art is applied out of reach of young children under the age of 3yrs.

If your wall art is showing signs of  peeling, remove immediately  for the safety of your child.


'I'm not creative, is it really easy to apply?'

- Yes it is, we give a suggestion on how you can arrange your wall art, however it really is up to you, and the space you have to work with. It's so easy to apply, just peel and stick!

'Can I personalise any design?'

- Yes you can. On some of our designs we offer a personalised option, however we have a option of just a name or this can also be a word, such as 'Play' or 'Love' as an example. We have a range of colours to select from, however if you have a specific colour in mind just contact us and we can custom to your requirements. 

'I am in rented accommodation, will this wall art be suitable?'

- Our wall art is a perfect option for rented properties, as our high quality textile stickers are not like any others stickers you may have tried in the past. It's suitable for any dry, flat, interior surface. Its removable, and does not leave residue or marks behind. If you would like to try a sample to test on your wall, just send a swatch request from our home page.

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